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Orphans are those innocent souls who suffer the most on the earth due to unavailability of proper parental support. Being the most suffering segment of the society they need abundance of support to have their lives restored to normal. People coming forward to help these orphans may reduce the intensity of their peril and get the best reward in hereafter. According to the United Nations, there are more than 4.6 million orphan children in Pakistan and the majority of this population is below the age of 17. This significant portion of the population is suffering from social depravity that needs to be addressed on an urgent basis. Support Alkhidmat Orphan Care Program to ensure a brighter future for the orphans!


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Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan (AKFP) is currently sponsoring over 15,000 orphan children through the Orphan Care program. With just PKR 4,000 per month, you can also sponsor an orphan to transform the child’s life for good. AKFP is here to facilitate you in this outstanding journey. Keeping in view the plight of orphans in Pakistan, AKFP has been working for the cause of Orphans through its “Orphan Care Program”. Alkhidmat OCP focuses on the education and social uplifting of the orphans with two different approaches

Orphan Care Program Services

Aghosh Homes
PKR 12,000/ Monthly

Aghosh Homes

With an aim to ensure that orphan children are also get an equal chance to excel in their lives, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has established state-of-the-art orphanages for…
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Orphan Family Support
PKR 4,000/ Monthly

Orphan Family Support

The OFSP is another support-based program designed by Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan for the orphan children of underprivileged background. Under this program, the orp…
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