(Christian Community – Christmas Gift)

Yes, we can help them!
Keeping up with the tradition of former years, Al-Khidmat Foundation Lahore distributed winter packages among poor and deserving people from the christian community

In this winter, many poor  Christian will not be able to buy warm clothes, blankets etc. Specially women & children will suffer more. To help these less fortune, Al-Khidmat Foundation Lahore is running a community service project to distribute Winter Package to the Christian Community.

With this thought in mind the volunteers of Al-Khidmat Foundation Lahore engage themselves in the distribution of Winter Package drive, hoping to spread a little more warmth every winter.

Al-Khidmat Foundation Lahore President Mian Babur Hamid with his team & volunteers visiting different area & distributing directly to the targeted people. Though this project Al-Khidmat Foundation Lahore motivates volunteers to fulfill their moral & social obligation, as well as to conduct community exercises.
In that context, a special distribution ceremony was arranged in which quilts were distributed among deserving Christian people. Al-Khidmat Foundation was proud to assist deserving people with the distribution of winter packages.

Al-Khidmat Foundation serves humanity without any racial or religious bias.