History & Crises

Pakistan is an under develop country and according to sources 75% of Pakistan’s population is living below the poverty line. Pakistan’s health condition, funding, and infrastructure are very poor, especially in rural areas. 50% of Pakistan’s population is not having facility of health. Major causes of sickness and death consist of  infections, Liver diseases, birth defects, TB, protozoal infection, and typhoid . Pakistan however confronts the difficulty of small number of paramedic staff and doctors in demand of the total population.

The Al-Khidmat Foundation Lahore

With the vision to make a healthy Pakistan, Al-Khidmat Foundation Lahore started different health departments in Lahore including hospitals, clinics, labs, blood banks, ambulances, one hundred and twenty four medical camps, and pharmacies. Most of the health projects either free or on low rates / fees.

Future & Aim

Al-Khidmat Foundation is gradually increasing its projects with the vision of constructing a Pakistan where everyone lives healthy. We the Al-Khidmat Foundation is working day and night to achieve the desired aim which can’t be achieved without your kind help.