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All credit goes to  People like you Who support us and thousand of our volunteers who assist us just for the sake of Allah.

Prisoner’s Welfare

Al-Khidmat firmly believes that people in prisons are human beings like everyone else and, therefore, they too, must be treated humanely. We also believe that one must not lock people up, throw away the key, and forget about them. With this positive mindset, and considering the dire conditions in Pakistani prisons as outlined above, AlKhidmat decided to address humanitarian issues in the prisons beginning with those that require urgent attention. The most important issues were identified as health care, including provision of clean water, and vocational training for inmates, so that they can become productive and self-sufficient members of society when they leave prison. AlKhidmat decided to contact prison management in all four provinces of the country in order to solicit their cooperation so that a practical framework could formulated for relief work could be undertaken. Meetings with provincial prison management were extremely fruitful and AlKhidmat initiated various relief projects in the sectors mentioned earlier.

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Provision of Facilities

This includes provision of water geysers, deep freezers, bedding & blankets, maintenance and whitewash of wards, installation of water filtration plants, and vocational training courses for inmates, as well as prison staff. AlKhidmat has spent Rupees 2.5 million on healthcare, vocational training, and clean water programs in prisons, while more than 300 men and women have received certificates by completing various vocational courses organized by AlKhidmat.

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Legal Aid

Most inmates are poor people who commit petty crimes out of ignorance and poverty. Apart from imparting vocational skills to inmates, such as computer courses, sewing courses, etc., AlKhidmat provides legal assistance to people who are unable to afford lawyers and court fees. Rupees 05 Million have been spent in legal assistance to date AlKhidmat has now been working on various humanitarian projects in all the major jails of the country, such as hygiene awareness and promotion, informative lectures, distribution of informative pamphlets and booklets, and distribution of gifts on national days and cultural events. AlKhidmat has also been working on provision of sewing machines for women inmates, installation of water pumps and water filtration plants, and construction of medical wards in the country’s jails. These projects have had a very positive effect on the inmates, management, and environment of the jails, as well as helping the inmates in their reintegration into society as productive members.

Wheelchairs For people: living with disabilities

AlKhidmat Foundation Lahore is committed to provides wheelchairs at no cost to people living with disabilities. In collaboration with a network of like-minded partners/Donors, providing dignity, independence and hope through the gift of mobility.
Our Mission is to provide the transforming gift of mobility to the physically disabled poor people around our society.
With an estimated 100 million people around the world today in need of a wheelchair without the means to get one, ALKHIDMAT FOUNDATION strives to distribute over 100,000 chairs annually.
ALKHIDMAT FOUNDATION believes that disabled people should be encouraged to become a vibrant part of the mainstream society. In that context AlKhidmat Foundation is known to distribute wheelchairs and other helping material among deserving communities.

While you enjoy good health this Ramazan, think of those who cannot even afford Wheel Chair to support their mobility. Many physically challenged people deserve your attention and charity.

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Incredible Donors: Incredible Team: Incredible Services

Alkhidmat Foundation has a vision of a safe, educated and healthy community. Over its many years of service, Alkhidmat is known to identify and address the community issues of Pakistan.

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Jahaiz / Dowry Packages

The purpose of gifting the dowry sets is to motivate the deserving couples to begin their new lives as soon as possible. and to lessen the burden of their parents. Our aim to provide dowry sets to all those girls who are not able to get married due to the shortage of resources.

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Winter Package

Due to lack of resources many people are deprived of warm clothes and beds to face the cold weather. As a result the people specially kids get sick. AlKhidmat organise winter package every year for these extremely poor families. Thousand of people take benefit from the winter packages.

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Qurbani Meat

Would you believe that there are people who are not able to taste the meat on the occasions of Eid. Alkhidmat Foundation slaughter animals on behalf of its kind donors and provide the meat to these people. GOAT Rate PKR 17,000 COW Rate PKR 8,000 (one part) COW PKR 56,000 (complete)

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Ramzan Package

Fasting is compulsory but many Muslims do not have food at Sahoor and Iftaar. Alkhidmat Foundation distributes thousands of Ramzan Food Packages through out Pakistan. Feeding the poor at the time of Sahr and Iftaar doubles the reward of the donor many folds in the month of Ramzan.

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Sewing Matchines

Alkhidmat Foundation believes in the empowerment of women and arranges training as well as distribution of sewing machines for women. Relief is generally a short term solution to a long term problem. Self-employment through economic and social change is a long-term solution.

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Eid Gifts

While Eid brings happiness and joy to our families, there are many parents who even cannot afford to buy new clothes and gifts for their children. Eid without new clothes and gifts hurts many children psychologically. Alkhidmat Foundation provides much needed funds to these destitute families to buy gift for their children.

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Those Are Just A Few Main Services, There Are Plenty More

  • Water Filtration Plants

  • Hand Pumps & Water Wells

  • Water Supply Schemes

  • Mother & Child Centres

  • Blood Donation Camps

  • Hospitals & Dispensaries

  • Medical Labs & Diagnostic Centres

  • Talent Scholarship

  • Schools & Hostels

  • School Supplies & Uniforms

  • Award Winning Ceremonies

  • Best Teacher Awards

  • Quiz and Competitions

  • Leadership Camps

  • Small Business Support

  • Skill Development

  • Desaster Management Training

  • Masajid & Madaris Rehab

  • Mass Wedding Ceremonies

  • Widow Help Packages

  • Orphan Dinner at Restaurants

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