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World Orphan Day

OIC declared 15th Ramadan as World Orphan Day to honor and love Orphans and Underprivileged Children as it is important to observe a day for them. Alkhidmat Foundation Lahore and many other organizations observed the day providing foods, educational materials, Medicare, Entertainment, clothes as well as arranging seminars and Speaking out for their rights. According [...]

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Iftar & Eid Gift Distribution Ceremony

الخدمت فاؤنڈیشن نے لاہور میں گزشتہ کل یتیم بچوں کی عید کی خوشیاں دوبالا کرنے کے لئے انھیں عیدی اور تحائف دینے کی ایک تقریب منعقد کی جہاں بہت ہی اعلی درجے کے انواع و اقسام کے ذائقے اور کھانوں سے بھرپور افطاری کا بھی اہتمام تھا. تقریب کی یہ بھی خاص بات تھی کہ [...]

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Charity Dinner 2016

Alkhidmat Foundation Lahore organised a Charity Dinner at Royal Palm Lahore to sponsor and support orphan children. Alhamdulillah it was a successful event. More than 10 Million Rupees were rasied. Mr Asalam Mughal (from ARBT) annouced to provide all the required amount to build an Aghosh Orphanage at Ferozepur Road. Many Dignitories attended the Dinner [...]

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Aik Shaam Bahimmat Bachoun Ke Naam ….Amjad Islam Amjad Ke Sath

Lahore, 13-06-2015: Alkhidmat Foundation organised a successful donor conference at Royal Palm, Lahore. Mr. Abdus Shakoor (President Alkhidmat Foundation), Mr. Shahid Iqbal (Secretary General Alkhidmat Foundation), Mr. Anas Vahedy (President Alkhidmat Foundation Lahore) and Mr. Iftikhar Gull Khan (Secretary General Alkhidmat Foundation Lahore) especially participated in the event which was an exclusive dinner event. Celebrity [...]

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Transforming Lives Through The Gift Of Mobility From AlKhidmat Foundation

Free Wheel Chair Distribution AlKhidmat Foundation Lahore is a humanitarian, faith-based, nonprofit organization that provides wheelchairs at no cost to people living with disabilities. In collaboration with a network of like-minded partners/Donors, providing dignity, independence and hope through the gift of mobility. Our Mission is to provide the transforming gift of mobility to the physically [...]

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Volunteers Orientation Conference

28th May, 2015 - Lahore: AlKhidmat Foundation Lahore Volunteers Orientation Conference at Mei Kong Restaurant Participants from FAST NU, Superior, Imperial, Lahore University, Leads, Comsats, UET, PU, LI MS & UMT gathered. Social Media campaign & Ambassador Drive are introduced. 13th June Donor Conference at Royal Palm Country Club execution call run. 1000 Orphans shall [...]

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Awareness for Clean Environment & Clean Water

An incredible activity by Alkhidmat Foundation lahore in Kingra a village near lahore to create awareness for clean environment and clean water… also a medical camp was organised, more than 300 patents got medicine. Moreover testing of hepatitis was also provided along with blood group and practically cleaned the roads. National Director AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan [...]

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Al-Khidmat Lahore Arranged Educational Kits Distribution for Orphans

Lahore (12-05-2015): Al-Khidmat Foundation Lahore held a Ceremony of Educational Kits Distribution for orphan children of Lahore at Al-Khidmat Fazal e Noor School. Educational Funds, School Bags and Stationary were distributed among Seventy (60) orphan children of Lahore. Respected Ehsan ullah Waqas (Vice President AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan), Mr. Iftikhar Gull Khan (General Secretary AlKhidmat Foundation [...]

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Shajar Doost Day at Gulshan-e -Ravi park

Al-Khidmat Foundation Lahore observed Shajar Doost Day at Gulshan-e -Ravi park. A large number of citizens visited and participated in plantation campaign, Al-Khidmat Foundation gifted Free Plants to the participants with a promise to plant these outside their homes and nurture the plants for the whole year.

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