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Al-khidmat Rozgar Program


The mission is to implement an Islamic Micro-finance model is to eradicate poverty and to improve the living standards of the deprived class of this society in the dreadful economic calamity by providing them interest free loans. The ambition of the program is to serve the humanity which itself is a reflection of the Al-Khidmat’s slogan. The organization will try to enhance the Islamic practices of banking to flourish the concept throughout the country enabling people to sustain ruthless economic condition.


To facilitate the poor  people in every region of Pakistan by the end of 2020.

What we do?

1- Small Business Support              2- Self Employment                3- Skill Development

Al-Khidmat Foundation’s Rozgar Program

Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan realizes that unemployment is a serious issue in Pakistan that leads to numerous other social problems. The rate of employment soars each year, resulting in a dangerously high poverty rate.

In response, Al-Khidmat Foundation has introduced a ‘Rozgar Program’ which offers small business support to individuals seeking employment. Usually, these individuals do not have access to conventional banking system. They usually have the expertise, motivation, and know-how to successfully run a small-scale business. What they seek is seed-money.

Al-Khidmat Foundation’s Rozgar Program provides interest-free loan to such enterprising individuals, thus empowering a vulnerable segment of society. Al-Khidmat Rozgar Program has already helped 1,447 people support their families across Punjab, Khber Pakhtunkhwa, Sind, Baluchistan, Azad Kashmir, Karachi, Islamabad, and Gilgit Baltistan. Rs. 31.5 million have been spent to provide loans to these low-income individuals. Additionally, Al-Khidmat Foundation also works on several skill-development programs which help people acquire skills, knowledge, and abilities to make a decent living.

Al-Khidmat Foundation Issue Interest-free Loan Worth Rs. 11,58,000 To 54 People.

Lahore, 20-04-2014: Al-Khidmat Foundation’s Rozgar Program provided free-of-interest loan to 54 deserving people in Lahore. A total amount of Rs.11, 58,000 has been lent to unemployed people.